My Secret Story of Reaching 1500$ per Month by Writing Online

Since 2005, I was searching various ways to earn money online. I utilized my credit cards to buy 100s of dollars of popular e-book courses but failed to achieve success. The courses contained information which was either superfluous or lacked personal guidance from a mentor. Most of the course instructors were unreachable after I bought the courses. It took me two years to discover that all those people who tell you that they will make you rich quickly with their courses or e-books are basically useless. I learned that most of them lacked any personal experience and were sitting online just to collect your hard-earned money. I learned that there was no shortcut to success.

The Bug of Earning Money Online

Still after so many negative things that happened to me, my belief in online money-making systems remained unshakable. I kept on trying and testing various ways to create a passive income stream. I had little success with an article writing site ( and a video-uploading and -captioning platform ( (earned a couple of dollars). I had a bug inside my mind to earn online. Another reason was the debt I had in terms of credit cards, personal loans and mortgage. So I focused on my learning and discovering new ways to earn. I purchased domain names and hosting and built few websites and blogs but failed with everything I did. Then I joined and started working with some revenue-sharing platforms but didn’t achieve great success.

Creation of Online Writing System

In 2007, I created an online writing system to write, publish, promote and monetize. I started brainstorming different ideas to create write-ups and started answering user questions through my online articles. Then I learned about social media promotions and started creating content skeleton blogs for backlinks. I entered online writing contests and earned hundreds of dollars in prizes paid instantly to my PayPal account.

The Result of My Continuous Struggle

After six months of struggle, consistency, smart work, and following a step-by-step system I finally received my first cheque from Google Adsense. It was of 101 dollars and it inspired me to write and publish more. Now I started increasing my efforts. My brain was optimized to receive more ideas. I researched and started writing on only those subjects that would hit more bluntly on my mind than others. I researched narrow-down niches that have less competition. My only goal was to bring traffic and money.

Earnings Started to Automatically Accumulate in my Bank Account

Days after days and months after months, I kept on increasing my efforts. I started learning new strategies from successful online writers and bloggers and applied those techniques to my writing system. I learned about RSS feeds, utilization of online media and other audience engagement techniques. The result was increased traffic and accumulation of more dollars in my bank account. In 2011, I finally achieved my goal of 1000 dollars per month. Now the traffic started accelerating and earnings were automatically accumulating in my bank account while I was on trips with my family. Now I was writing less but concentrating more on my already published articles.

Reached 1200 dollars

In 2014, I reached 1200 dollars per month from my writing business. On some days I was making less and sometimes more than the average but the results were pretty consistent. A few of my friends were interested in writing and publishing online and they started inquiring from me about this. As I was too busy, I just showed them the way and told them to write and publish articles. Some of them wrote around 5 to 10 articles and some reached 20 but ultimately stopped doing it because they were not following a step-by-step system. They lacked proper mindset and goal creation and they did not have any guidance from an expert. No end-to-end information was available under one source which caused them spending a lot of money and time but still no better outcome. They all were working in silos and were not able to share information, goals, online tools or content strategies with each other. There was no one-stop solution. This is where I thought based on my experience so far if I can come up with a one-stop solution for aspiring content writers so that they will not end up spending a lot of money and efforts like me.

Started imparting online training

At the end of 2018, I created a step-by-step plan and started imparting training to some very serious high-quality writers. With consistency, effort and my continuous guidance they started earning decent income. After seeing the results, I decided to create my online video course in 2019 as I wanted to reach and help maximum number of people even in my absence. I wanted to always help writers who wanted to learn about online writing and publishing. I started conducting live webinars to raise awareness about this and in the process I created a community of authors, publishers and students who are getting trained through my mindset and goal creation videos, my step-by-step setup challenge, weekly mastermind sessions and personal hand holding to get results. We are rating, commenting and adding fan mails to each other’s articles. Our community’s ultimate goal is to bring maximum traffic which means maximum earnings for all contributors. To learn more about my online community and my step-by-step video courses, let us meet live at 11 am on this Saturday. Register here for my live webinar on this Saturday at 7:30 pm